SMCS Academic Data

At Soldotna Montessori, our focus is on the whole child and not just test data.  We do, however, complete required state and district assessments and feel student performance on these tests demonstrate the ability of our Montessori classrooms to meet high academic standards in addition to fostering a warm, nurturing climate with a focus on community and global awareness. Related: School Climate Data


PS Reading Spring 2019

Students in our primary grades do well on the district reading fluency assessment (Aimsweb), and develop additional competency throughout the course of their education from later intermediate classroom instruction and application through their research and project-based learning.

PS LA Spring 2019

Student language arts assessment data at the district level is only completed in intermediate grades.  Our students performance on the district assessment in language arts also reflects the application of work from their research and project-based learning effort.

PS Math Spring 2019

Students gain a strong math foundation in primary grades using our Montessori math materials and instruction.  The results are evident over time as student begin to move from the concrete Montessori materials to the abstract and can apply that math foundation in an assessment setting.

State Assessment Data

Soldotna Montessori students’ performance on the State PEAKS assessment compares favorably to district and state results in English-Language Arts, Math, and Science.

English-Language Arts

Spring 2019

PEAKS ELA - Spring 2019

Spring 2018



Spring 2019

PEAKS MATH - Spring 2019

Spring 2018



Spring 2019

PEAKS SCIENCE - Spring 2019

Spring 2018

PEAKS Science